Library Io.Run

Require Import Effect.
Require Import C.

A specification is an execution of a computation with explicit answers for the external calls.
Inductive t : {E : Effect.t} {A : Type}, C.t E AAType :=
| Ret : {E A} (x : A), t (C.Ret (E := E) A x) x
| Call : E (c : Effect.command E) (answer : Effect.answer E c),
  t (C.Call (E := E) c) answer
| Let : {E A B} {c_x : C.t E A} {x : A} {c_f : AC.t E B} {y : B},
  t c_x xt (c_f x) yt (C.Let A B c_x c_f) y
| ChooseLeft : {E A} {c_x1 c_x2 : C.t E A} {x1 : A},
  t c_x1 x1t (C.Choose A c_x1 c_x2) x1
| ChooseRight : {E A} {c_x1 c_x2 : C.t E A} {x2 : A},
  t c_x2 x2t (C.Choose A c_x1 c_x2) x2
| Join : {E A B} {c_x : C.t E A} {x : A} {c_y : C.t E B} {y : B},
  t c_x xt c_y yt (C.Join A B c_x c_y) (x, y).

Run the let of a ret.
Definition let_ret {E A B} {v : A} {f : AC.t E B} {y : B}
  (run_f_v : t (f v) y) : t (C.Let _ _ (C.Ret _ v) f) y.
  eapply Let.
  - apply Ret.
  - exact run_f_v.